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Stephanie M.      Pflugerville, TX                                                      7/4/2013

When I called to make an appointment for a carpet and grout cleaning I spoke with the office manager. She was great. So helpful and patient scheduling the appointment around several other things we had going on at the time. When Marcus came out he was so nice. Explained the process from beginning to end. We have 3 dogs and the pet treatment made everything fresh again. I also appreciated that he was willing to go under and move what furniture he could (if it would not ruin the furniture). The grout cleaning was amazing! Marcus also pointed out that it needed to be sealed. He could do a treatment or we could do ourselves. He even went as far as to point out the damage that regular floor cleaners can do to grout and recommend a cleaner (very inexpensive) that we could get at the store that will not damage grout in the future. Great service all the way around. I have already passed his information onto multiple people. Could not be happier.

Jonell F.               Pflugerville, TX                                                     5/2/2013

I was so amazed at how the owner (Marcus) did such an excellent job.  He was very friendly and courteous.  He was quick, but cleaned our carpet real good.  I was so impressed and I will definately be calling Steam Doc again whenever I need my carpet cleaned.  And he gave an honest quote and pricing.

Tito V.                   Austin, TX                                                          4/24/2013

This is the best carpet/tile cleaning company in Central Texas.  Try their tile cleaning service.  We had dark grout between the floor tile and tried everything to clean it.  Marcus, the owner of Steam Doc, cleaned the tile personally and sealed it.  What an incredible difference.  You need to do this!  Prices are very, very reasonable.  Marcus, his wife, and employees are trying to create a great company, and they are well underway.

Laura M.                 Round Rock, TX                                                   3/12/2014

I recently used Steam Doc for the second time and was just as impressed as the first. My husband & I agree we will not use anyone else. Marcus does an amazing job and I have to tell you, our carpets were in BAD shape. I wasn't expecting him to work miracles but he did just that. Fair price, great service, AMAZING JOB!

Malorie B.                Austin, TX                                                          1/3/2014

I tried these guys out because I received a coupon in the mail. I've only lived in my home for 2 years, but its 10 year old carpet. I was  very impressed how clean they got them! All the stains are up, even the dark spot by my front door! My sister also used them for her house earlier that day, which had pet stains and juice (or whatever her toddler has spilled on it lol) Her carpets are only over a year old and hers look brand new again.I highly recommend them! My carpets look good!

Bruce N.                   Cedar Park, TX                                                 Updated - 12/9/2013

My wife had Marcus come out again after close to 6 months in our house. Again, great service. This time he brought an assistant. They work tirelessly and professionally. We're grateful for these guys. Great price and great service.

1 Previous Review:                                                                          7/5/2013

Marcus showed up at the house in Cedar Park we just closed on. The A/C wasn't on yet and the thermostat read 91. He worked hard to clean our carpets. I was worn out just watching him. Showed up on time. The price was great, and he didn't surprise me with any extra charges--even though I think the job was more than he first expected.

Angela L.         Austin, TX                                                         3/17/2015

I have 3 large dogs including a lab who sheds a ridiculous amount.  The dog smell in my house was beyond anything I could combat, so I called Marcus.  He showed up on time and did a great job cleaning my carpets.  All of the stains came out.  Took about an hour for 2 rooms and the hallway.  And the price can't be beat.  He gave some tips and explained everything I needed to know very well.  Heck of a nice guy.  I'll definitely be using him again.that will not damage grout in the future. Great service all the way around. I have already passed his information onto multiple people. Could not be happier.

Elizabeth M.         Austin, TX                                                         3/13/2015

Marcus and his helper came over to clean our carpets. They were on time, friendly, and efficient. The cost was VERY reasonable and was given up front-no surprises. The carpeting looks fresh, fluffy and dried completely in the 4-6 hour time frame as promised. I highly recommend!

Tevor S.               Austin, TX                                                         1/15/2015

This is the best carpet cleaning you can grab here in Austin! I have tried at least THREE other companies. These guys got it right everytime. My parents thought my house looks so good that they now use them. Keep up the awesome work guys.

Jessica Luth         Austin, TX                                                         5/08/2014

I don't usually post reviews but when I do it's because I had a Dos Equis J/K - Steam Doc just cleaned all the carpet in my house with two dogs and a baby and it looks great! Great price, Great Service, Great Company to work with. They take care of my whole family and I would highly recommend them to you! Trustworthy, Dependable, and Fantastic results.

Fernando V.      Cedar Park, TX                                                  10/10//2015

This review is long coming.  We just moved and things have finally settled down enough that i can sit down and do this. The service was definitely worth it and the price was great. I've had two separate services done and both were stellar. First I had the grout and whole house carpet done. He was on time and best of all got everything nice and clean. The purpose was to do a showing to sell the house and I got regular comments as to how clean everything looked. He also showed us a trick to get the house smelling awesome, not that it stunk or anything, but it was an extra touch to help close the deal. Will use again.